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DJ Jobs DJ Agency DJ Jobs is widely recognised as one of the worlds best online agencies to find and advertise DJ vacancies. DJ bookers from all over the world can advertise their current vacancies for free or book DJs directly. DJs can apply for the currently listed DJ vacancies and also apply to be part of our global DJ agency roster to help find guest, resident or contract DJ bookings.

All types of events
Our agency DJs are available for many types of events as guest or residents, including nightclubs, bars, lounges, festivals and PR events.
Book DJs directly
Every one of our agency DJs can be contacted and booked directly for events by visiting their profile page and filling out their booking form.
No agency booking fees
We don't believe in charging anyone booking a DJ with us for their events any added fees for doing so. All you will pay is the DJs price.

Popular Music Genres Some of the most popular music genres with our DJ agency are listed below. If you don't see the music genre you're looking for wither use the search form at the top of the homepage or select from the main top menu under "DJ agency".